Use BIarc-Curves for Contour Description of the Turbine Profiles




The article analyzes the possibility of using BiArc-curves for the mathematical description of turbine profiles. Confirmed the relevance of the application BiArc-curves in the manufacture of turbine blades. The article presents some of the elements of the theory of building BiArc-curves. The algorithm for determining the coordinates of conjugate points, radii and angles of opening arcs BiArc-curve is shown in the work. Strong influence on the quality of BiArc-curve, provide the coordinates of the point arc connection. Also, the description of certain structural features of convex and concave contours profiles turbines using BiArc-curves. Here the algorithm of automatic construction of a turbine profile using geometric criteria of quality. Optimization problem is solved for each element BiArc-curve using a quadratic fit DSC-Powell. Method of construction of turbine profiles using BiArc-curves programmed in the language c++. Screenshot of dialog boxes and graphics programs can be found in the article. The examples of constructing profiles turbines using BiArc-curves with different initial data. Received confirmation of the possibility to describe the contours of turbine profiles using BiArc-curves.

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Alexander Pavlovitch Usaty, National Technical university "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute"


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Boiko, A., & Usaty, A. P. (2017). Use BIarc-Curves for Contour Description of the Turbine Profiles. Вісник Національного технічного університету «ХПІ». Серія: Енергетичнi та теплотехнiчнi процеси й устаткування, (8), 20–27.



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